Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Myspace takeover (For Jessi)

8:14 PM - Myspace invasion (Jessi this is for you) Current mood: annoyed
What happens when myspace takes over your life........i love it....
But, I did realize several pros and cons of MySpace as I tried to ready the house for the unbelievable amount of Christmas items I intend to distribute throughout the house i wanna decorate alot this year........

MySpace is not conducive to my weight control! I have neglected my treadmill and walking for at least two months!
MySpace has rendered me dumb in the correct procedure to dust properly!
MySpace does not remember to feed the cats and dogs. Or, for crying out loud change the litter box.
MySpace does not fold clothes the way I like them!
MySpace is negligent on watering plants and feeding the animals!!! Don't ask them to house sit for you!!!!!!
MySpace does not deposit the proper amount of funds into the bank account for the bills and other fun stuff!!!!
And.....MySpace is horrible at watching animals......making love to the husband........and steam cleaning the carpets!!!!!!
MySpace cannot count the current number of zits I may have at any given time!
MySpace doesn't care if my socks match or if my muffin top shows!
MySpace doesn't judge me on the brand of clothes I may or may not wear and the amount of make-up that is present!
MySpace doesn't have to help husbands find crap he lost!
MySpace is oblivious to the fact of whether I have deodorant on or not!
And......MySpace has the uncanny act of making me feel competent of my typing ability!

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JessiM said...

Invasion of the "Myspacers"... love it!