Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Myspace takeover (For Jessi)

8:14 PM - Myspace invasion (Jessi this is for you) Current mood: annoyed
What happens when myspace takes over your life........i love it....
But, I did realize several pros and cons of MySpace as I tried to ready the house for the unbelievable amount of Christmas items I intend to distribute throughout the house i wanna decorate alot this year........

MySpace is not conducive to my weight control! I have neglected my treadmill and walking for at least two months!
MySpace has rendered me dumb in the correct procedure to dust properly!
MySpace does not remember to feed the cats and dogs. Or, for crying out loud change the litter box.
MySpace does not fold clothes the way I like them!
MySpace is negligent on watering plants and feeding the animals!!! Don't ask them to house sit for you!!!!!!
MySpace does not deposit the proper amount of funds into the bank account for the bills and other fun stuff!!!!
And.....MySpace is horrible at watching animals......making love to the husband........and steam cleaning the carpets!!!!!!
MySpace cannot count the current number of zits I may have at any given time!
MySpace doesn't care if my socks match or if my muffin top shows!
MySpace doesn't judge me on the brand of clothes I may or may not wear and the amount of make-up that is present!
MySpace doesn't have to help husbands find crap he lost!
MySpace is oblivious to the fact of whether I have deodorant on or not!
And......MySpace has the uncanny act of making me feel competent of my typing ability!

Family what life is about

11:45 PM - FAMILY Current mood: bouncy
I HAVE AN............. AUNT TAMMY ,UNCLE JOHN,COUSIN AARON COUSIN BRANDY JO, AUNT JOANNE(MY MIDDLE NAME) AND MANY MANY MANY MORE AND IM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED THAT I HAVE THIS NEW UNDISCOVERED AREA IN MY LIFE. IM GOING TO EXPLORE IT ALL AND ENJOY IT ALL AND.... i have finally found out that I am like my dad in so many ways that it makes me have tears in my eyes and i want to cry thinking about that he did love me and that he never stopped. That my parents were happy at one point in time and that we were a family. That makes my heart happy. well more to come on this new development.
12:35 AM - So here is the update Current mood: crazy Category: blissful and happy Blogging
"When you can see your unborn children in her arms, you know you really love a woman."
"A new baby into your life is sweeter than honey itself."
"Marriage is made in heaven, but so is thunder and lightning."
"Marriage is not only the beginning of a realtionship but also the end of a life long search for the other half of your soul."
"Missing you is my hobby, caring for you is my job, making you happy is my duty, and loving you is my life."
So here is the news in my life that is soooooooo exciting.
Jason and I are starting our family well we are going to try to do that lets see how long it takes. Im so excited though about this new chapter in our lives. We hope we can have a girl and i can just imagine her right now big blue eyes and dark brown hair with jason's lips and his legs (we can hope) i guess i dont know what i want to contribue to the baby just yet i will figure it out at some point lol. I am just so excited that we are going to do this. Its like our life is coming together and things are looking up.
I didnt do alot this weekend went to the eye doctor and found out that i have to have glasses and wear them all the time that it should make all of those headaches go away!!! now that i can deal with but glasses will be hard to get use to im not used to rememebering alot of things constantly. i slept alot i wasnt feeling up to being awake.I slept with Jason all weekend since he worked nights but i did get a yummy new candle vanilla cupcake ohhhhhhhhh it made me wanna bake a cake. I didnt though instead i did laundry which ended up doing something to my machine which now will have to go back to the shop and get fixed. LOL ifs its not one thing it will be something else aint that the truth of life. I dont know this is the dawning of a new work week and for that im sorry. I would prefer to have more weekend time then what i have now. Oh well life will get better i know it.
well im going to bed now.
love always <3
10:42 PM - Smells like Grease
OHHHH THE SMELL OF GREASE Have you ever had a smell make you think of something that you had tucked away in your mind? I smelled grease today and i thought of my father. I know that sounds kinda mean and I dont mean to to but it makes me think of how grateful i should be I. My father was 47 when I came along. For most men they are finished having there children and he had raised his two boys and then along came me. I didnt come along in the traditional sense of the word i came along via a man named Jim and a women named Jeanie but it is my dad and mom Jack and Claire who are my parents. So back to my dad okay this man knows how to work and work hard he does the smell of grease takes me back to when i was a little girl and he would come in from work and he would be dirty and grimy from working all day. He would come and sit down and take his boots off. The smell comes to me now as i write this whole thing because of those greasy hands i had a roof over my head and food in my tummy tummy and clothes on my back and my allowance in my pocket. My dad worked sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hard for his family and he has loved us no matter what we did and that is the truth no matter what anyone has to say . I know that we always love our mama and daddys but do we really appreciate them for what they do and what they sacrifice to make us better people and also make things better then what they had??? So for that i want to say thank you daddy for shaping me into me and being my rock and even though im a married women i am still daddy's little girl. I love my dad and I will forever. a.j.m.w
5:09 PM - A little of this and that and Mr. Kitty. Current mood: content Category: chilly Friends
It is a cold blustery Saturday, the wind is howling outside and making me wanna bury myself in my covers on my bed with fresh washed sheets *yum the best smell ever* I love just having lazy weekends. I did my cleaning earlier and now im relaxing thinking of hot tea and warm cake and all things yummy. The tv is on in the background and i just keep thinking about things in my head. I had to get up and get my glasses to see while i do this lol.
So mr. Kitty aka midnight eclipse has started to really warm up to us and he is doing well in our home. I wish he would ocme to midnight but alas only Mr. Kitty will do. It was the cutes thing today though he escaped out of his kitty room and he found jason and i in our bedroom he just meowed his little head till we opened the door then he walked in his little tail held very high and proceded to hop into our bed and curled up started to purrrrrrrrrrr and sleep. he was quite outraged when i picked him up and had a talk with him. "Mr. Kitty how in the world did you get out of your room its nighty night time" he just meowed at me and purred more hoping that mommy would let him stay unforuntely jason and i had plans and he was not safe in our bed lol he woulda gotten squished he was quite upset about that. SO to his carrier he went so he wouldnt escape again. He is a terrific little kitty he knows he is spoiled though and we know he is and i am so happy he is my baby. He loves jason though and the laptop is his favorite item in the house lol he will sit there and just watch your fingers go across the keys then he will watch the screen. he likes to sit right behind the laptop as well he is an odd little kitty. Jade is getting used to him as well now she will let him play with her for a little bit then she licks his ears and gives half assed hiss and forgets lol its funny.
It is def fall and i wish that my house was warmer. Jason is my fur blanket during the night but during the day im just sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cold
so im going to hold my baby and get warm.
6:35 PM - A thought of the heart Category: MySpace
Okay so who has ever been standing in your kitchen and you are peeling potato's for your dinner and you realize "Oh, this is my life, and you know what I like it." I had that wonderful little thought while standing in my kitchen today. I was thinking in my head "Amanda you are cooking dinner for your husband and you know what I like it." I know that when you get married you are to take care of your spouse. There are days that we like doing this kind of thing. There are other days that we just dont want to do anything at all for anyone. I love my husband and all that he does for me he is my heart and soul, but he sometimes doubts that. When that happens I feel saddened and I feel as though I let him down in someway. I keep thinking of nice little things to do He works hard everyday for me and he still comes home to me and makes me feel like a million bucks and he knows how to hold me in the crook of his arm and make me feel safe. Oh i just love that boy. Anyways that is my thought for the day how are lives are what they are and that they should be enjoyed to the fullest . and on that note I am off to finish cooking my dinner for my husband.