Tuesday, November 21, 2006

5:09 PM - A little of this and that and Mr. Kitty. Current mood: content Category: chilly Friends
It is a cold blustery Saturday, the wind is howling outside and making me wanna bury myself in my covers on my bed with fresh washed sheets *yum the best smell ever* I love just having lazy weekends. I did my cleaning earlier and now im relaxing thinking of hot tea and warm cake and all things yummy. The tv is on in the background and i just keep thinking about things in my head. I had to get up and get my glasses to see while i do this lol.
So mr. Kitty aka midnight eclipse has started to really warm up to us and he is doing well in our home. I wish he would ocme to midnight but alas only Mr. Kitty will do. It was the cutes thing today though he escaped out of his kitty room and he found jason and i in our bedroom he just meowed his little head till we opened the door then he walked in his little tail held very high and proceded to hop into our bed and curled up started to purrrrrrrrrrr and sleep. he was quite outraged when i picked him up and had a talk with him. "Mr. Kitty how in the world did you get out of your room its nighty night time" he just meowed at me and purred more hoping that mommy would let him stay unforuntely jason and i had plans and he was not safe in our bed lol he woulda gotten squished he was quite upset about that. SO to his carrier he went so he wouldnt escape again. He is a terrific little kitty he knows he is spoiled though and we know he is and i am so happy he is my baby. He loves jason though and the laptop is his favorite item in the house lol he will sit there and just watch your fingers go across the keys then he will watch the screen. he likes to sit right behind the laptop as well he is an odd little kitty. Jade is getting used to him as well now she will let him play with her for a little bit then she licks his ears and gives half assed hiss and forgets lol its funny.
It is def fall and i wish that my house was warmer. Jason is my fur blanket during the night but during the day im just sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cold
so im going to hold my baby and get warm.

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