Tuesday, November 21, 2006

6:35 PM - A thought of the heart Category: MySpace
Okay so who has ever been standing in your kitchen and you are peeling potato's for your dinner and you realize "Oh, this is my life, and you know what I like it." I had that wonderful little thought while standing in my kitchen today. I was thinking in my head "Amanda you are cooking dinner for your husband and you know what I like it." I know that when you get married you are to take care of your spouse. There are days that we like doing this kind of thing. There are other days that we just dont want to do anything at all for anyone. I love my husband and all that he does for me he is my heart and soul, but he sometimes doubts that. When that happens I feel saddened and I feel as though I let him down in someway. I keep thinking of nice little things to do He works hard everyday for me and he still comes home to me and makes me feel like a million bucks and he knows how to hold me in the crook of his arm and make me feel safe. Oh i just love that boy. Anyways that is my thought for the day how are lives are what they are and that they should be enjoyed to the fullest . and on that note I am off to finish cooking my dinner for my husband.

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